Glober Laboratory Systems

Glober, which exports 50% of its production, which continues in its 1200 m² closed area facilities, to 11 different countries in the last 4 years, is proud of being a preferred, professional, innovative and respected company that meets the needs and expectations in its field of activity.

About Us

GLOBERLAB, which has left 17 years of experience in its sector, has always been with its friendly sales staff, effective manufacturing staff and technical service for companies that want to receive industrial laboratory services such as laboratory furniture, fume hoods, chemical material cabinets, microbiological safety cabinets, tube cabinets, scale tables. prioritizes customer satisfaction. Our company is an effective project company in industrial laboratory production and is always ready to prove itself in one-to-one meetings with its customers, understanding the customer, producing solutions to their wishes and gaining satisfaction. The factory site is in a closed area of ​​1,200 m2 and continues its production. Our company, which has been exporting 50% of its production to various countries in the world, especially for the last 4 years, has 11 countries as of today, and this number is increasing day by day due to demands. This situation has brought our company to a respected position among laboratory manufacturers and has made it one of the few brands that have proven itself.

The products it produces become products in coordination as a team in the ISO 9001 quality management system. All productions are presented to our valued customers with CE certificate, one of the European standard documents, together with many certificates. The conditions of the globalizing world and with it the necessity of quality product, quality service and after-product service in standards that can be accepted by the whole world. We think that the existence of a company that manufactures with this awareness in such an important sector is also an advantage for you, our conscious users, who know what they want.

Because this is the first factor that keeps us alive, increases our enthusiasm and improves ourselves.

The first and indispensable rule of our company, which produces according to the ISO 9001 Quality system, is the maximum satisfaction of the organizations we serve. For this reason, our aim is to monitor and control all processes, including the entry of raw materials into our factory, production, assembly and post-assembly service, starting from the project stage, with the support of you, our valued users. As a result of this collective work, you will realize that we are your solution partner beyond being an organization trying to sell you products.

Our Service Areas

Our Service Areas

Our Mission

It aims to provide a high level of service in line with customer demands and expectations by constantly increasing our product and service quality. It aims at customer continuity thanks to the quality of the work we do and the customer satisfaction we have created.

Our Vision

As Glober Laboratory Systems, we aim to ensure the continuation of the reliable and preferred brand feature by keeping the quality standards of products and services and customer focus at the highest level.